In the modern world the picture of a well-made adult man is walking arm-in-arm with a young and stunning lady, which doesn’t raise doubts or surprises of anyone. Nevertheless, this tendency which has developed in the last two decades has undergone some changes. Some time ago that was a fashion on blondes with huge boobs and badges of dollars in eyes instead of intelligence rudiments. Not to have a similar doll in the society of distinguished people was a bad sign, as your companion is your face representing you and must meet the high standards. This is why it has become popular hiring an escort when visiting important events or business trips, and escort agencies offer selections of young and beufitul models to help you fulfill your plans and releve stress afterwards. A big age difference in a couple is met more and more often. But what is it that attracts the adult man to the young seductress? And what attracts the very young lady in a mature man?

Why men prefer very young girls. First of all men are attracted by a virgin and beautiful young body and the want of the virgin purity. First of all they pay attention to appearance of the girl, naturally, young ladies look better than women after 35. Most representatives of the strong male choose a many year yonger girl for the role of wife. In our modern society it is considered to be absolute norm, however there are exceptions to the rules too. Rather considerable part of men pay attention only to very young girls. In such cases the age difference can fluctuate to two-three decades and sometimes it is even more than that. And if many mature women of solid age perceive it as some wildness, for men this phenomenon is considered absolutely normal and isn’t immoral as his sexual partner is over 18.

Practically all wealthy solid men care for the status, the opinion of colleagues, fiends, as it is very important for them and it is just unacceptable that it was negative. And if with the solid respectable man nearby is not his coeval but very young «superstar» – the charming beauty with long beautiful legs and a big fine breast of third size, then it very strongly ennobles the opinion of surrounding people and uplifts on a glory pedestal. A conclusion here is very simple, if his stunning and charming «passion» is happy being always near such men, then he is definitely not poor and he probably has no problems with intimate life too. And this factor already creates strong and very good image for the wealthy man. The man near whom is a young girl, also becomes younger himself, which is also somethings that attracts. Such relationships push the adult man on taking care of their own life, to look after the body, to be young inside. And as a result, men of solid age look younger in peoples eyes. Also it is not only about state of mind but also about appearance, they begin to play sports, to eat healthy food and even go for plastic surgeries for the sake of the beloved. But there is more to come, life with rather young lady offers new prospects and paints of life, returning in youth with constant fun and entertainment.

In general, at identical age women look worse than men. The reasons for that can be childbirth, care of the child, strong sincere experience because of the unsuccessful relations, daily efforts and problems on work and at home. As a result, appearance becomes less important, bright and attractive, as all above-mentioned factors have a harmful influence on an adult woman. On the other hand, young girls who, in the majority, are very well-groomed. It isn’t a shame to show such «trophy» to people around, she will act not only as the charming companion of the man but also as his object of pride. Also it is much easier to get acquainted with young girls than the coevals.

This can be simply explained, mature women have own outlooks on life, dreams of fantastic marriage, children and huge requirements to the man. As for the young girls, they treat everything much more simple and more quietly. If the guy has an own car, money, the high status, popularity among girls and special charm, then it more than enough to pick up young beauty. And it isn’t obligatory to have all above-mentioned advantages at all, for some even one will be enough.

As for the intimate spare, there is a huge difference between sexuality of young girls and senior women. So, young maidens, unlike mature young ladies, aren’t inclined to refuse sex, for them there are no taboos, and on sexual experiments they agree with big hunting and ease. It is clear that it madly excites and attracts men. Besides very young girls in every way try to prove to the older partners that they are skilled in sex.

Almost all mature women after 25 madly dream of quickly finding the prince and marryng him and then change him the way they want. As for young girls, they, in the majority, don’t think of such global things. For them life only begins and therefore they don’t want to connect themselves with family bounds. It also attracts men especially those who give preference to bachelor life, as well as serious gentlemen who, don’t wish to get family and a stamp in the passport and prefer those girls who won’t begin to bring up questions of marriage. As the statistics shows, only few men seeks to get kids quick. Most often those are who have already seen all in the life and now just wants quiet measured life and the smooth family wave. But if speaking about all other men, their majority are frightened even by one thought of children. For this reason preference is given to very young girls, they also don’t hurry to give birth and spoil their magnificent bodies.

A lot of wealthy men consider that it is much more reasonable not to look for the ideal woman but to find the pretty young girl and «to mold» as the sculptor. In other words, it is about re-education, influence on development of character and so on. In this case the man begins to look for a very young doll to whom he will become a wizard. His opinions and views will be only and true correct and fundamental. With the senior women it is extremely difficult to make something similar, they have already strengthened personal lines and there are too many moral principles. As for young girls  they are much softer and usable as plasticine from which it is possible to mold the perfection. In a relationship with the senior men they show flexibility and obedience. As a result at competent approach, man can make their young companion into exactly what is necessary to him for the serious relationship. Girls with beautiful elastic butts perfectly understand that wealth and solvent men are the sponsors and must be treated decently.