In the twenty first century things have changed drastically. Nowadays modern people take for norm what one considered as shameful and perverted not so long ago, and gaining physical satisfaction through sex has become a requirement and a duty of each person. Altough earlier people would look on a person who has no sex as an idol, now everyone will look at him from a different angle and will ask whether he has any problems. This is because lack of intimacy is now known to be unhealthy both psychologically and physically.

The nature did not give us the necessary tools as an accessory so it makes sense to use it and not spend your life being unsatisfied and stressed out as a result. Many scientists and in general ordinary doctors who have devoted their life to the study of sexual intercourses and bodies claim that the lack of sex is far more harmful than its presence. Nobody has ever claimed to experience any disadvantages of sex except that it is possible to catch venereal disease and to end up in an unwanted pregnancy, however all of these problems won’t happen with contraception.

Altough the old generation considered that genitals are given to us only for reproduction but not for pleasure, now everything has changed to the contrary. Perhaps in this debate lies the difference between the person and an animal. Animals use them for a purpose that means for reproduction and creation of posterity. But people are intelligent and clever people and decide to use genitals for pleasure as well. There is nothing bad or wrong about seeking to gain a bright ending after the tiring working day. Especially because it is proven to help relaxation properly and reduce stress. Just imagine, you come after work shattered and exhausted and you are awaited by your soulmate, beautiful and sexy. Or the stunning model you have chosen to meet through an escort agency. How is it possible not to give yourself to passion? This is the dream for any guy.

What is more, many British and American doctors claim that it is impossible to abstain from intimate pleasures for long. If we talk about men, then the refusal of sex influences their sexual orientation, they become either absolutely frigid, or begin to have problems with genitals. Whereas for women, the hormonal fund can be broken. As people become more aware of the benefits that sexual contact brings, intimacy has become more popular and as a result thousands of escort agencies open all over the world to offer the best services and the most stunning women.

Besides the fact that the man can lose his orientation, what often happens is, he also becomes aggressive and sensitive, getting annoyed with and without a reason. Some of London escorts tell stories of men which for various reasons had no sex for a long time, and when business reached an outcome, man either couldn’t get excited, or couldn’t end the process. It seems ridiculous but actually it is awful because men are much more susceptible in the sexual plan, than women. If they can’t carry out sexual intercourse normally, then their sexual life may be ended very early. Especially, when the man lacks a certain amount of substances and hormones, his organism will glitch and as a consequence can threaten with transformation into a female individual.

For all the reasons discussed, we have reached the final stage of sexual evolution, realising the potential and benefit that it brings. What has to be drawn from this reading is simply the fact that sex is not wrong or bad, instead it is healthy and good. If you have not had any intimacy for a long time, it is time to act. Why waste more time? Visit UK for the most beautiful call girls, that are ready to give you all the pleasure you have been missing and will make sure the night goes smooth and just as you wish. After the experience you will surely feel great and happy about the decision made, which does not require any obligations, only complete relaxation.

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