If you are interested in a less traditional type of tourism, first of all, decide on the direction of travel where you will be able to find the right type of women for your entertainment. These types of women are not available in every country, making people travel thousands of miles abroad to obtain relaxation and satisfaction. Below we will discuss the most suitable options for all, including those who prefer to entertainment in Europe.

Czech Republic 

For a start, it is recommended to pay attention to the beautiful country of Czech Republic. In spite of that fact it is foremostly famous for the culture, escort industry remains the most profitable sphere of entertainment. For this reason, escort tourism in Czech Republic is developing at a speedy rate, attracting more and more people form abroad. The best erotic clubs, as well as the most available women, according to tourists, are in Prague, where various festivals and shows are constantly held. Therefore, when visiting Prague you can find a great deal of sexual entertainment.

It is possible to find an escort both in night institutions and on the city streets. Walking in the centre of Prague in the evening and at nighttime, you can easily find representatives of the most ancient profession for every taste and like. But be ready that these women in their majority are not Czech. Here the most common nationalities that are possible to meet include Polish, Romanians, Slovaks, Gipsies and Albanians, an hour of communication with whom will vary from 15 to 100 euros.

If you don’t want to risk and you wish to organise your holiday according to the highest category, then it best of all to go straight to a brothel where for a corresponding payment and the best terms, you will be offered to join a society of skilled beauties, owning not only good manners but also foreign languages, so you will certainly find a common language and come back home fully satisfied. Among the most popular clubs of Prague there are Butterfly, Gentlemen’s Club, Million Dollars, Venuse, Kleopatra.

What is more, there are not only the most available women but also the first-ever museum of sex-machines in San Marino. A visit to the museum and what you will see in there will be surely remembered to you for a long time.


If you honor laws and you are interested not only in escort tourism but also an opportunity to see cultural sights, then Germany is one of the best options. Prostitution is legalized there for a long time. Even in magazines and newspapers you can find a set of announcements. It is possible to find please without without departing from the railway station. As a rule, the main concentration of sex shops, nightclubs and brothels is observed exactly there.

Many tourists become surprised that in show-windows of brothels it is possible to see call girls, just like in the Red’s Light District of Amsterdam. They prefer to show the advantages behind glass for one simple reason – it is much more favorable and safer than on the street. It is also important to remember that the costs of erotic services in brothels are 10 times higher than the regular prices. If you are attracted to more financially availabile of girls, then go to streets of Germany at night. You will be able to recognize a lady of easy virtue without effort. Moreover, they look out for suitable clients and offer them services. Here in bars and restaurants you should refuse «renting». Otherwise you can run into huge troubles with the law, having offended the decent german.


Another country that is capable of offering its vacationers some of the most available girls is the world, is Hungary. For certain, many should know that a number of sets of films of pornographic character are shot exactly here. Perhaps, desire to find a «celebrity» of the film industry also adds to all the reasons that attracts individuals interested in organized sex tourism to Budapest. But it is not the only reason that makes the capital of Hungary one of the most visited European cities. Hundreds of Budapest sex shows and shops have found glory of some of the best institutions of the new generation. These are known for the elegance of interiors, quality and lack of platitude in demonstration of body.

Professionals of the business can be found not only in expensive clubs, but also in announcements on the pages of an English-language newspaper named «Budapest Sun». They will surprise you not only with elegant uniforms and appearance of actresses but also the abundance!

Despite all this, there is very amusing law in the capital allowing partners to make love exclusively in the dark. Even in your own apartments, if you are involved in any intimate intercourse by the light of a fireplace you are threatened by a penalty. However, there is one problem to this law – who supervises all this?


If you wish a truly exotic pleasure of intimate nature like no other, it is time to get acquainted with those exceptional places where the most «available» and stunning women of our world rest. This direction usually frightens travelers due to the beggarly condition for spending vacation, however it doesn’t influence the prosperity of escort industry in any way. The skilled tourists in Cambodia are able to find girls for every taste and at the most available cost ranging from 1 to 50 USD per day. However the prices depend not only on the service provided but also on the level of the escort.

It is important that when planning your vacation, you are always careful and never forget about contraception. This is because from such exotic places many tourists come back not only with a lot of positive emotions and satisfaction, but also with a bunch of various diseases.


If you are not willing to witness poverty and you want to spend a vacation in a more civilized and rich country, then safely choose Cuba. Here any tourist will be able to feel themselves as the young and cheerful students once again. Without any significant effort you can find the most available girls that are always ready to fulfill all your wild desires and teach you something new.

But where should you stay to find what you are looking for and accommodate a stunning girl for a night? This question arrises because there are plenty of hotels and hostels in Cuba that refuse to let in girls in the rooms of the vacationers. Therefore if this is what you are looking for, it may be a good idea to stop at a privately rented appartment.

Travelers who nevertheless have reserved a room in a big hotel, a widespread advice is to bribe the security guards. As a rule, for the price of 10-15 USD, the staff will be ready to pass anyone in the apartments. If you don’t want to spend extra, again, it is simpler to rent the private sector. What is also worth mentioning is that in Cuba you can find rooms to rent that are quite often offered with girls for a party at once! The cost of any intimacy will be range between 40-50 USD for a night. However, you should be ready to a meeting with the people rendering the service, but there is nothing to worry about as they won’t disturb you at any time therefore you can enjoy the paid pleasures. Remember also that you don’t necessarily need to pay for enterteinment and fun. At nighttime a lot of pretty local residents are ready to share with you a night!


Don’t like Cuba? In that case by all means Holland will be pleasant to you. This is because Amsterdam is known as the European Mecca for the fans of the most various sexual entertainments. First thing to mention is that it is a far more expensive option. Sex tourism in this country prospers for many years and in spite of the fact that you there are neither beaches, nor sea, travelers go here from all over the world, as to the resort. Why is this? Because drugs that are forbidden everywhere are available and inexpensive in this country. What is more, the city of Rotterdam is the recognized capital of prostitution where you can find all sorts of stunning ladies for any taste. The feature of local business consists that any exotic, for example, Latin Americans or Africans, cost tourists much cheaper.

It is also impossible to forget about Amsterdam, which is the most famours here for its exceptional nightlife. In the well-known red light district you can order any escort services from the lady you like or even a few. Or even visit the porn theatre «Casa Rosso», where you cannot only observe as a spectacular, but also become the participant of the scene. Besides, in Holland you can meet not only the most available women, but also a set of sightseeings and cultural entertainments to keep you busy during the daytime.


Escort in England was never a penal act, which is why the escort industry in UK is continuosly developing, while people come to visit from all over the world not only for business but also for some fun after all of the planned work is done. Altough for the last ten years escorts in the British capital were sharply reduced. Most of the call girls work in the brothels disguised under saunas, massage, salons, clubs, escort agencies. The city is known to have thousands of such establishments where you can find the most stunning models and exceptional services.

The law punishes only companions providing any service on the street, attracting a fine of 50 pounds. The same rule applies to the person who attempts to rent girl. The reason for that is that is is seen as a violation of public decency. Many of ladies pay taxes. It is considered that in UK there are more than six thousand escorts, therefore you will definitely be able to find something you trully desire. But remember that altough you will be gladly surprised by what you are about to see, the prices of experiencing such unforgettable entertainment may also surprise you, as UK is known to be expensive.

It is advised to arrange any meeting through private escort agencies rather than addressing to call girls that work individually. This is because an escort agency provides guarantee and safety, making sure everything goes smooth throughout the whole experience. All you will need to do is to talk to an operator and ask for an incall our and outcall appointment. The stunning lady of your dreams will be at your doorstep in no time, ready to fulfill all your desires.